Astronomy is Empowering

Astronomy is enriching and empowering.

Astronomy is a science that compels me to seek beyond myself and our small world, a science of discovery that enriches my life by exercising my brain and my intellect. It empowers me to think clearly and rationally. It improves and sharpens critical thinking skills.

It's the sheer fascination for space and the possibilities of worlds beyond our own and a science beyond our current understanding that encourages astronomers to think outside the box and develop his or her intellect to the fullest. From the time of Galileo, our lives have been enriched beyond measure by scientific discovery.

Curiosity Drives Ingenuity

One of the most important aspects of observational astronomy is that it helps us understand our place in the Universe and unites us with others on this planet because we see ourselves as sharing a tiny orb moving through the vastness of space. Students of astronomy sharpen their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. By learning a wide range of skills, including physics, math, computer science, and imaging technologies, astronomy students are prepared for a wide range of careers inside and outside the physical sciences.

Astronomy affords youngsters the chance to study the mythologies of ancient cultures and leads to a greater understanding of cultural diversity. It intersects with the other physical sciences and inspires kids to learn more about the natural universe.

In ancient times, astronomy was used to measure time, to mark the seasons, and to navigate across the world’s vast oceans. It is perhaps the oldest science and is found in the roots of every culture. It promises answers to the big questions. As the world becomes more complex. we find ourselves even more in need of a world view that is entwined with the stars. Carl Sagan pointed out that the stuff of stars, the gas and dust around them, are the same elements that make up our body. This has further deepened our connection with the cosmos and emphasizes our shared humanity with everyone else on this earth.

Experience the mystery, awe, and excitement of observational astronomy. Find your local astronomy club, go to a star party, and look up!

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